Friday, September 30, 2005

Pagoda Monkey

Today I went to an estate sale (basically an indoor garage sale) and I found this pagoda shaped bell for $4.00. It was covered in cobwebs and kind of old and funky - but then I saw the hanger - it's a monkey! So naturally I had to fork over the money for it. While I was in line people were giving me that look - the one people give to each other at garage sales and thrift stores that says "wow, you're actually buying that?" but damn it - look at it - it comes with a monkey. Can you really pass that up? After I got all the crusties off of it and gave it a polish I think I like it quite a lot. It makes a nice tinkling sound unless it's really shaken around and then it makes a loud "gong". Perhaps I'll use it to increase my overall serenity. Or to let friends know that it's time for beer. Mmmm... beer. The monkey has spoken.