Monday, December 28, 2009


This is an important post for a few reasons. It is the last page in my first moleskine notebook. As such it marks the first sketchbook I have completely filled. It took a few years for such a small book but it is done. I fully intend to start on another notebook soon now that the holiday craziness is dying down.
The real reason this drawing is so important to me is because it shows Molly. Molly passed away just shy of Thanksgiving after being with our family for almost 16 years. To put that into perspective Molly was a Christmas present when I was a girl and now I am married and have a child of my own. We grew up together. She was technically a dog, but had more personality than many people, and was a definite member of our family.
I love this drawing so much not because it is a picture of a dog. Not even that it is a picture of a West White Highland Terrier. I love it because it is a picture of Molly, that specific little being who is much loved and much missed.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Here's a quick sketch of some acorns I did recently just to get back in the swing of drawing. Without realizing it I drew this the wrong direction in my moleskine - which is neither here nor there but this is how I see it since this is how I drew it. Turn your screen upside down and you'll see how it looks in my moleskine.