Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Red Snapper

On vacation, once I realized that I would be spending the afternoons in my bedroom, I got smart and grabbed a few things at the beach to sketch later. One day my daughter brought home a seashell, another day it was a piece of seaweed.*

At no point did either my daughter or myself bring home the red snapper - although that would have been a great story for my family to tell friends about later. Maybe my nephews would fondly remember the time their quirky Aunt Kate lugged home a dead fish and dragged it up to her bedroom.

*The seaweed would dry up into a little poky mess once out of the water for a while. As soon as you dropped it in water, it would slowly soften and then puff back up to its' original state. This is a fun trick to show to a six year old.

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