Thursday, April 12, 2007

Illustration Friday - Green

For this I did a few green washes in watercolor and then used my uniball pen for the drawing. For the most part I like how it turned out. The text at the bottom is kind of "meh" but that's okay. I'll let you in on a secret: On accident I wrote greem and tried to fix it by adding the exclamation mark. Now when I look at it, my mind sees GREEM!. Which personally I think rather improves it. I might start using it as a word. Any thoughts as to what it might mean? Is it good, as in, "Wow that cake is really greem." Or is it bad - "Don't go into that public restroom - it's seriously greem."


Janice said...

A true artist learns to improvise and make it work for them.... The public may look for some deeper meaning in some mark.... (but WE ....really know how it got there!)... You did a good job... I didnt see GREEM until you pointed it out.... it looked like a funky exclamation point... (grin) . Its also very cool of you to explain how you create.

Deb said...

ah ha --I've improvised MANY times with 'goofs' --I like your new word! --I'm thinking you should submit it to Webster's for approval!

Keep Creating!