Saturday, March 23, 2013

Big Bang Jaywalkers

I've a got a bunch of projects I've finished over the last few months that I'm excited to share over the next few posts.

First up, a project I had been working on for, excuse me while I check my project notes, oh, about five months - the eponymous Big Bang Jaywalkers*.

Big Bang Jaywalkers
Socks. Socks that took me five months to make. In my defense, these were my carry around everywhere project that I only worked on while waiting in doctor's offices, and picking up my daughter from preschool and the like. I also admit that finally I Could. Not. Take. It. and just pounded out the last two inches of the sock just to be done with them.

Jaywalker's Pattern Page

Oh, and something fun about them - they started out looking like this...

Spunky Club BFL in the "Big Bang" Colorway
Can we take a second to have a " I made that" moment?

From the moment I got this fiber I knew I wanted to split it, chain ply it to retain the stripes, and then try it out with the Jaywalkers pattern to get that cool chevron** effect. In a shocking turn of events they turned out pretty much how I was hoping.

* Note to self: Form yet another sassy all girl musical supergroup and name ourselves the Big Bang Jaywalkers.

** Extra geek points if every time you see the word chevron you start thinking, "chevron one, encoded...".

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Abbie said...

I say you get at *least* an hour of "omg I made that" and it could totally stretch out into several days. Those socks look great!

and now I want to watch SG-1 :D

Have a great week, Kate!