Monday, March 11, 2013

Knits in the Wild

I love to knit. I also love what I produce. There is no better feeling than when your knits get put to good use. 
I tend to post clean, clear pictures of my hand knits right after they are completed onto Ravelry. And don't get me wrong - I love a pretty project page as much as the next person, but sometimes it's fun to see the nitty-gritty (knitty ha. ha.) pictures of those hand knits being put to actual good use. So here, I present, knits in the wild...
Morgan's M'gonigle and Snow Shovel Mitts

Thorpe Hat and More Snow Shovel Mitts

I actually made that hat for Chloe a few years ago out of leftover yarn I had on hand. It came out a wee bit big, so it still fits and works wonderfully for keeping her ears warm. The mitts are snow beasts. They laugh at snow. I swear they get warmer the more snow that gets on them. The whole family has a pair for snowy days and I recently got a request in from Grandpa. I have a plan for May with mittens...

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