Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Look Very, Very Closely...

This doesn't show up well - you probably have to click the picture to get a larger view to even see - but this is a picture of the light pencil drawing on canvas of the Wacom drawing. I kept the Wacom image open on my computer and just kind of used it as a guide. I knew I wanted the flowers and vase to take up much more of the canvas so I made that adjustment at this point.

This shows how I blocked in the background color and the black undercoat on the vase. I wanted the violet color to be kind of streaky and mottled so I kept mixing slightly different shades of purple and adding them. The next picture - though blurry- shows the true color better.

I almost kind of like how it looks with just the black, purple and white. Kind of spooky and melancholy. But I went ahead and painted the rest yesterday and will take a picture and post the results tomorrow.

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