Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Oooh... All The Pretty Pictures

So ever since I got my Wacom I've been sketching like crazy and having a great time. I haven't really done much with making art since high school when I got burned out (our high school had a very competitive arts program). So a few days ago my husband and I went over to my parent's for dinner and they suprised me with a set of acrylics and a few canvases. So I've decided to paint some pictures for our new house and the first one I finished is based off of this Wacom sketch. I'll post some pictures from throughout the painting process once I get them on my computer.


hartini said...

That looks really pretty!! :D Bet u r having fun with the Wacom tablet. My Aiptek was idle till recently... I find it doesn't work as great on PS but I am surprised it is comfortable on Painter. Which Wacom model did u get by the way? I'm thinking of getting one when my Aiptek dies on me. But Wacom is so much more expensive.

Kate said...

I have the Graphire 3 with the smallest drawing area. Best Buy had some rebates with it the week I got it so it worked out to be about $60.00. I don't know if they run that deal very often but if you're interested it might be something to look out for.