Thursday, November 17, 2005

Voila - Finished Art

So, after much delay, here is the finished piece. This photo has the truest color of all of the photos. I think it turned out alright. It definitely made me appreciate my Wacom tablet in that I could quickly play around on it before commiting myself to canvas. All in all the whole experience was really fun and I think I'm back in the groove of making art.

And here is the fruit of my labor in its' natural environment: my kitchen. I figure if I really get going with the whole art thing I can get the bare walls covered without spending a ton of cash. Then, as I get sick of stuff I can just take it down and put up something new without feeling guilty about it.


Erica said...

Good grief -- I thought I had commented already and told you how much I like the fresh clean feel of this. I've been checking in every day, feeling brighter because of that picture, absolutely certain I'd put in my two cents, such as they are.

Now I'm just a wee bit worried. All okay on the Midwestern front?

april said...

i love the purple of the painting on your green kitchen walls!