Monday, June 25, 2007

To Germany

I'm afraid I haven't been very good about drawing recently. My only saving grace is the fact that I doodle on the back of these postcards I send out. Since I know someone is waiting for the postcard I at least get a little drawing done. On another note this person talked about books so I decided to draw my library card. I enjoy it when the person's profile I get has something in it that gives me an idea of something to draw. This person asked for book suggestions.

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Katharina said...

Hi again - yay, my card! :D I have to admit that I didn't realise that the drawing shows your own library card, and that you have drawn it yourself. Now that I know, it makes the card even more special! :) It looks really good and just as if it had to be there - I think I thought that the whole POSTcard was from the library - you see, "library card"... I'm slightly confused today. ;) So anyway, thanks a lot! I love your idea to draw little things to the back of your cards. Happy Postcrossing! :)