Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Deadline Knitting: In Which A Set of Stockings EAT MY SOUL

Normally I don't do deadline knitting. In fact I don't think I have ever knit anything with a deadline before. I like to have a few projects going and just pick up whichever one tickles my fancy. Somehow, a few months ago I got it into my head that I would knit gifts, lots of gifts for my brother's upcoming baby. It was fun. Baby things are fast and cute. The baby isn't due until October - which is a good ways off when you're still in August. 

However time has a tendency to move forward and my brain has a tendency to take a good thing and run to a bad place with it and I decided to knit more gifts. Only this time I decided that Bobby Tuesday (that's the name my daughter came up with for the baby - don't ask) needed a great big old Christmas stocking. If Bobby Tuesday has a stocking then his Mom and Dad shouldn't be left out of the fun - they'll need them too. And just picture a set of coordinating stockings hanging from the mantle. Bonus points for having them be the Christmas presents this year, thus knocking off a chunk of the gift ideas anxiety. Extra super bonus points for having them done in time for my parents to take them off to California when the baby's born. 

Here's how far along they are:

Yeah, the one on the left is blocking and the one on the right is done (except for the name which I'll add once I know what it is). That means I still have one ENTIRE stocking to get done by October first -ish if the baby doesn't come any sooner. I think I can manage it, but people, I want to knit another one of these stockings right now about as much as I want to eat tin foil. Really feeling like this was not the best idea ever.

Do you all knit gifts or just leave that piece of crazy cake alone?

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