Friday, July 04, 2014

Flashback Friday - June's Dunes

Growing up, when we went on vacations we went to a town on the panhandle of Florida called Destin. Back when we first started going it wasn't a huge place. It has beautiful white sand beaches and water an emerald and blue color that doesn't look real. Every trip down there, it was always a special treat to have breakfast at June's Dunes. It was a little house right on the water. There were picnic benches lining the wall next to open windows to catch the ocean breezes. Every morning, like clockwork, dolphins would go swimming past while you ate your waffles. It was a pretty great place.

Destin, like all good things, was eventually discovered by many more people. It's quite a different place now than when I grew up. A few years back June's was sold. There are some high rises in the area now - but there is also a public beach access with a plaque honoring June. 

My parents asked me to make a drawing of June's Dunes - by that time it was already gone - but luckily we had a picture. 

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