Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Saturday Night Out - Free State Festival

I live in a town that always seems to have something going on. Last weekend there was a lot happening  for the Free State Film Festival. My husband and I went out on Saturday and I took my sketchbook along.

From the sketch
On Saturday Morgan and I went downtown to get dinner. While we waited for our table we found a stage set up in front of the bank for the Free State Festival. While we waited a band was playing. After dinner a dance troupe performed. They had on black outfits with flannel shirts that reminded us of the 90s. We stayed to watch the final act which was the Topeka High drum line. They were impressive, especially for a bunch of high school kids. The best was when they performed "Jump On It".
Apparently later on they were closing off the street for some kind of art/music performance. Then, at midnight, there was going to be a showing of The Wizard of Oz set to the Dark Side of the Moon and Radiohead. Guess we're getting older - we went home, got into pajamas and watched Netflix instead.

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