Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Limestone Pizza

The same night that the Free State Festival was happening, we went out to eat to celebrate Morgan's new job. They serve great Neapolitan style pizza (the best style of pizza, in case you were wondering*). The back part of the restaurant is open and customers can see into the kitchen. There is a beautiful stone  wood-fired oven. My eye, though,  is always drawn to the Lego mini-figures that are lined up along the top of a partial wall.  The first time I went there was just one. I'm noticing an expanding collection. 

And now from the actual drawing:
To celebrate Morgan's new job, we went to Limestone pizza. Morgan hadn't been there yet. We splurged and got some fries and a couple of pizzas and Morgan had a beer. The Spud pizza with rosemary, potatoes, bacon, and creme fraiche was glorious. The whole evening was fun, but surreal, with the festival, it being just the two of us for the night, and the reality of a new job and opportunities washing over us.
*Suck it, deep dish.

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