Saturday, October 22, 2005

Ipod Price Drop

Just a quick update on the ipod photo 20 and 60gb models. On Best Buy's website at least the ipod photo 20gb has been dropped to $249.99 and the 60 to $349.99. Now if you're okay with no video I guess it's cool that you're saving 50 bucks - but then I can't help thinking - okay, you're already spending a chunk of change, for only 50 bucks more you get a smaller, lighter version with a bigger screen and video, all with a longer battery life. I guess I knew it wouldn't be a super significant price drop - the cheap side of me was just hoping for a miracle.

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Erica said...

I harbored the same hope. Alas, TPTB are too conniving for us. I wonder if eBay has some deals. I wonder if I could muster the courage to try and make an eBay purchase.