Friday, January 18, 2013

Child Sock Parade : The Pretty Colors

 My husband and I try very hard to allow our daughter to get excited about whatever tickles her fancy - whether that be Hot Wheels or princesses. When the Christmas catalogs came this year she was even quite indignant when she saw that a whole section was labeled "boys". "Can only boys play with these toys?" she asked, crestfallen. I assured her that anybody could play with any toy that they wanted. This was a relief to her considering one of her main requests this year was the Lego Monster Hunter set with the skeleton horse. *

All of that being said, if you ask her what her favorite color is, the answer will always be pink, purple and rainbow. If you ask her why - because they are the pretty colors. I might slip and say that the sky is a pretty shade of blue. "No, mama! Only pink and purple can be pretty." Sigh.

And so, inevitably, we begin our parade of socks with "a pretty color".

Pinks 2012
This is also the first time I tried the Magic Loop method for a pair of socks. People, I have to say, I may be a convert. At first it felt fiddly and I got a weird spot (sorry for the highly technical term there) where the joins are, but I quickly got the knack for it all. I was very much expecting for it to feel awkward having those extra loops at each side but I didn't even notice them. Really the most "difficult" part was paying attention to the yarn to figure out how to avoid an unintentional yarn over at the end of each needle. Oh, and not bursting out into giggles like an 11 year old boy every time I set my work down and saw how much it all looked like a model of a uterus. Once I had played around for a minute or two with the tension and got it all sorted and collected myself, (who am I kidding? Never collected myself. Still occasionally look down and think "wow. uterus.") I realized that Magic Loop allowed me to fly through the socks. It really helps me go much faster. Note I said me, and not everyone - but if you haven't tried it yet, you really might give it a shake.

*Funny story: My husband went to the Lego store and an employee asked him who he was shopping for. Hubs told him his four year old daughter. Lego employee began to show him all the Lego Friends and Hubs had to tell her that actually she was really set on the Monster Hunter Mummy set. Daughter was super excited when she got it and began talking about what a pretty, nice skeleton horse it was and "look at the pretty flames coming out of its' eyes". Um, yes dear. Exactly what I was thinking.

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