Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sock Parade: Peachy Stripes

When I saw this colorway, I knew I had to make these for my daughter.
Peachy Stripes

The colorway is Peachy in Knit Picks Felici. If you ask my daughter though - it is pink stripes with golden stripes. Not yellowy-orange, or peach. Golden. We would not besmirch our feet or the noble color of pink by having yellowy-orange or peach mixed in - but golden stripes are entirely acceptable.*

Even though I took a break from the afterthought heel with the purple socks, I still just wanted to knit basic heel flap socks. I decided that I really wouldn't mind differing widths of stripes around the gusset like I would have with the rainbow stripes. My daughter's feet ended up being pretty much the perfect dimensions that they kept the stripes even down the gusset without any weirdness caused by the heel and flap. Go figure.

*Breaking News: This morning we were sharing a piece of green taffy, (as one does on a Sunday morning ) and I mindlessly made a comment about what a pretty color it was. Chloe's response, "Yes it is. It's green.". I think we've turned a corner.

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Abbie said...

:) Loving the socks and your stories